I Want Crocs Rio!

It has been a looooooooooong time since I last updated. I've just been busy with managing orders, attaining customers, final report, wedding plans, business ventures, and the list goes on... Aah, I've finally found the slingback booties I was hunting on. Although they're not exactly the same pair I wanted, but they rock my whole outfit! Totally love them! What now? I have my eyes on the Crocs Rio. Yes, in yellow, please. They look chic & funky. I've fallen in love with them since I first laid my eyes on them. I really have to start saving for the wedges!


2009 Unemployment Olympics

This is a project proposed by Joanna Goddard's little brother. I find this quite amusing and very sarcastical. Perhaps I could join the events, I'm unemployed as well!

I'm Flying High...!

April 2, 2009 marked the official date I finally launched my own blogshop! I'm ever so happy!!! I sell preloved items there and got spotted by 2 reviewers already! Personal thanks to ThriftBook & ShoppingRoll! The items are quite lousy but I've got more items to come (they are all at Melaka). The main purpose for the opening of the blogshop? Apart from as a kickstart (and to save some cash) for the upcoming store on imported, brand new items; I really need money for my beloved boyfriend's 26th birthday! I'm eyeing on shoes for him! Do support my blogshop: www.provocateur-junkyard.blogspot.com *picture credit to Sofia Coppola for Dior Cherie*

Gladiators Aside, I Want These Booties!

Since the first time I laid my eyes on these slingback booties, I couldn't go a day without thinking of them (how dramatic! hehe). They're super chic! I've been looking for it back and forth, hunting down on every single blogshop I could but the result turned zero! They were all sold out. Huhu! So I'm calling people out there, if you have these booties, my size (37/6), and tired of them, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SELL THEM TO ME. Just email me: shera.gone.berserk@gmail.com and I couldn't be any happier to slip my feet on them!

Let's Go Green!

This Saturday, the world urges us to switch off the lights (that means no TVs and internet too) for 1 hour, just 1 hour. I know some people will fuss over this but I can imagine myself sitting outside, looking up to the stars, in the dark (well I hope there will be no audio booming from next door). Then it got me thinking, just how many percent of Malaysians will pledge to this campaign? Maybe it will be a better idea if TNB just cut off the electricity for that 1 hour, it sure going to make this campaign works 100%, teehee. Perhaps the advertisers should've educate people the significance of this critical 60 minutes to the future.
For those who are in the green mood, I'd reckon you to watch The 11th Hour, narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio. This movie will inspire you more on being nicer to mother nature. But shall I remind you, this movie is more of a documentary than a movie itself. And no, there are no Jack-and-Rose moments.

I'm Not Fat! (Self-Denial)

Last week, my colleagues and I went to TTDI's CIMB during lunch. While waiting for Mell done depositing her cash, we went to a boutique next door. I browsed through the dresses and came to a nice LBD. The dress was a size S and I knew that I may need to shrink myself to fit into the dress, but I was trying to be friendly so I asked the shop assistant, "Would you think I can fit into this?". That girl solemnly replied, "Kak, THIS IS SIZE S." I was stunned. OMG, is this the end of me? The last time I checked, I was a size S. Damn, I really should buy a new mirror.

This was taken back in 2005 when I was still Size S.

This was taken in late 2006, when that pants were only Size 25 (I'm not making things up).

This is the latest photo taken on last Thursday. I weight 50kg and I hold my breath when taking photos. Current size? UK10. That's M. Sigh.

But I swear right here right now, by mid of this year, I will shrink back to my former size and drop 3kgs. Watch me.


Memoir of Soya-Beat

The day was 1st December 2008. It was 7.40 a.m. I was already at the office car park. Nobody was there. I waited for 10 minutes, still nobody came in so I decided to enter the building. Erk. The door required entry code. Luckily the guard was there and let me in. I reached the 3rd floor and once again, the door was locked so I had to wait outside. Half an hour later, people started to come in but not to the same office I was heading to. Sigh. Then out of nowhere, a male voice came from my back, asking where was the HR Dept. I replied to that guy in the blue stripes shirt that I was also heading to the same place. The rest then was history.
Today was the day. The last day that I was ever going to sit next to him. I can't believe how fast 3 months have gone. It seemed like only yesterday that we 1st started working together. I have to learn to accept the fact that from now on I will no longer have to someone to talk to on the way to the office, no longer have someone to bitch around via Skype, no longer have someone to escort me to get chococino at the Ground Floor, no longer have someone to laugh at my stupid jokes... Damn. I really need to learn what life's like being without my P.A. Hahaha! I'm gonna miss you Bit...

Handmade Cards Express Feelings Better!

Last weekend, out of the blue, I decided to make a card for my boyfriend who was miles away. So I went to Papier, the Curve and browsed through the lots of choices there. I ended up buying a pink velvet damask paper, a brown polka dot paper, a transparent love paper and a ribbon. When I reached home, I took out my old treasure and started working on the card. The result?

A feminine cover with a bit of elegance feel

An outrageous inner which represents ME!

The overall costs?

Print photo: RM 2

White ceramic roses: brother's wedding leftovers

Purple ribbon: brother's wedding leftovers

White bow: brother's wedding leftovers

I & U glitz: free bracelet

Purple Love candle: junk

Green & red paper: +wondermilk

Tag: +wondermilk

Ice cream stick: +wondermilk

Note: own sketch

Wooden bear: souvenir from Philippines

Red lace: souvenir from a friend's wedding

Purple bead flower: mom's brooch

Peacock, flower, note, graphic printings: RM 9

Pink velvet damask paper: RM 12

Brown polka dot paper: RM 3.80

Transparent Love paper: RM 4.20

Ribbon: RM 2.50



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Human with No Humanity

While I was having my breakfast yesterday, I managed to browse through local newspaper. I feel sick of the nasty political plot, as usual, but it was such a heartbreaking moment when I came to another news of an abandoned baby by an apartment corridor somewhere in Seremban. The baby was completely dressed head-to-toe and a bottle of milk was left on the baby's side. The mother must have found it hard to do such thing, I guess, since there was a lot of care and love by the way she left her baby. It was very fortunate that a housewife who lived nearby found the baby just in time before anything bad could had happened. But in some cases, newborn infants with umbilical cord still attached were found dead. This is sickening. How could they just leave babies cold to the bone undressed and bitten by ants, or worse by dogs? Don't these people have hearts at all? Didn't they feel anything, hearing to the babies' cries when they left them? Or perhaps they prefer to live the rest of their lives in guilt. I'm no better person myself but please la, don't abandon babies on the sideways dying. If you don't want your babies, at least please give them to those who want to adopt.
Sometimes I feel like opening a centre for those babies, not to encourage social crisis, but for my humanity instincts. I may not be able to give them all the money in the world, but I can guarantee they will be showered with love.